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Apostille Pros or Apostille Pros Translations is the sole manager of this website. Terms such as “our,” “we,” and “us” represent Apostille Pros Translations. All the necessary information, services, and policies stated on this website is representative of our views and the top quality service we provide.

Upon purchasing our services or visiting our website, you are subject to the conditions and terms of services mentioned in the following text. You will also be bound by any conditions that are mentioned in the form of references and hyperlinks. It is important to note that all the services and conditions mentioned in this document are applicable to any visitor irrespective of their status as a content creator, customer, vendors, or content distributor.

It is important to reiterate the fact that once you visit this website, you are bound by the terms and conditions mentioned. If there is any reason to disagree with our terms and conditions, or if you find that you cannot bring yourself to accept our terms, then you may refrain from using our website. These terms are not an offer, so you will have to accept before proceeding or else maintain your presence on this webpage only.

We reserve the right to edit, replace, and update these terms and conditions. As soon as they are updated, they will continue to be binding for all visitors from the moment the terms of services are updated. The responsibility to check for any updates in the terms and conditions falls upon the visitor of the website. The date when the document is last updated would be displayed on the first page; hence, visitors should be proactive, and if they are concerned about their application of terms and conditions, they must re-read the addition to the terms before continuing their use of the website.

Part 1: Terms Of Online Store

Upon your agreement to follow the terms and conditions, you represent the majority age group of the area that you reside in. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you also give your approval to any minor dependents that might access this website.

The use of this website and the products we offer for any illegal purposes that violate our terms of Services or the Rule of Law, whether it be in international law or your domestic laws, is forbidden.

You may not expose the website to any viruses or detrimental malware.

Any identified act that is against the terms or conditions will result in immediate suspension and eventual withdrawal of our services.

Part 2: Standard Conditions

We have the right to offer and refuse service to any customer at any time without citing any specific reason.

You agree that you fully realize that the content we collect with the exclusion of credit card information may be collected and used by us and third-party networks to help us enhance your network experience and target advertisements. It is important to stress upon the fact that credit card information is always encrypted and secured when used in transfer over third party connections for the purpose of payment.

You also give us your consent that you would not engage in any sort of copying and duplication of any ideas or material from the website. You also cannot reproduce any part of the content that we provide you with without our clear and concise permission that would be granted in an official manner.

The fact that the terms in this agreement are divided into parts and headings makes no difference as this should be read as one cohesive piece of terms and conditions.

Part 3: Disclaimer Regarding Information Available On The Website

We absolve ourselves from bearing any responsibility in case the material available on the website lacks accuracy, authenticity, or is incomplete in any way. The content on the website is for general understanding and is not equivalent to nor recommended to be taken as the sole influencing factor in your decision-making process.

This website might also recount historical incidents. This information is for background purpose only. As mentioned before, we reserve the right to make any modification at any time to any of the content without citing the reason for doing so. There is no compulsion on us to keep our website up to date or upload material that is completely novel. You also agree that it is unto you to view any updates that occur on our website, and you take the responsibility that if any updates occur and you continue to use the website, then you are bound by any new additions in terms of Service.

Part 4: Right To Determine Rate At Which Services Are Offered

We reserve an unconditional right to change the price of services that we offer. We do not have to issue a notification prior to making these changes. We can cancel the service in part or full without any notice or any explanation. In an event where the service has to be discontinued partially or fully, we are not liable to you or any other party.

Part 5: Right To Provide Service

Our services can be accessed online by visiting our website. Any such services are subject to our refund policy.

We have the right to reduce or increase sales to a particular person, region, or a company without owing any sort of explanation to you or any third party. This right can be exercised solely on our discretion. Prices and descriptions can be altered at any time without prior notice. We have the right to cut off our services at any instance.

It cannot be assured that the quality of content, information or service you might buy or come across our platform will meet your standards or that any misgivings and concerns that you have regarding the service provided and the end product would be corrected though we do provide in-house facility at our office we reserve the right to refuse service without citing any reason.

Part 6: Account And Billing Information

You agree to give us your authentic, absolutely true, complete, and active account information for all the payments that you during your use of our website. You agree to be prompt and update your information such as credit card numbers, expiration dates, email addresses, billing addresses, and phone numbers so that we can complete transactions in a minimum amount of time and also be able to reach you whenever we need to.

We have the authority and the right to cancel the services you paid for. Irrespective of the number of purchases you make, your credit card, or the shipping address that is provided, we have the right to cancel at any time that we want with our discretion. We may try to contact you using your email, billing address, or phone number that you gave us at the time you gave us the order or made a purchase.

Part 7: Supplementary Tools

By agreeing to the terms of service, you accept that we will provide you with additional services and opportunities through third parties over which we exercise no control.

You give your consent to use these services the way they are without any quality assurance from us. We do not endorse these services in any way, and if you choose to use them and work with them, it is your own responsibility. In case of any malpractice or irregularity in your experience with these third parties, we cannot be held liable. The decision to use third-party tools is yours, and you must bear the responsibility that comes with it.

You take responsibility by accessing third-party tools, and you should review their individual terms and conditions if you want to familiarize yourself with their policy.

Any innovative service or tools that we may introduce to the website as a complementary part of our service would also have the application of these terms and services.

Part 8: Third-Party

Content published on our website, including the advertisement, facts, and information that is displayed to the general public and any visitor who visits the site may be the property of a third party. We do not have to take ownership of the accuracy, completeness, correctness, and usefulness of the said material. We also cannot be held liable for any of the material or appear to endorse any third party content, product, services, or advertisements.

We are not responsible for any harm that befalls in an event your interaction with a third party leaves you in relation to the purchase and use of service. It is advised to you to view the terms and conditions of the third-party websites before you engage in business with them in order to ensure that you fully grasp the type of service and the conditions that come with it once you choose it to conduct transactions. If you have any complaints or reservations regarding a third party, you should pass them onto third parties instead of contacting us.

Part 9: Feedback

If at any point in time, you choose to voluntarily give us feedback on our services and products or in the event that you decide to leave for us comments, advice, ideas, suggestions for improvement or even compliments upon our request, We reserve the right to edit, copy and publish those comments anywhere, anytime and through any medium of information that we deem best. We have the right to choose whether to respond to comments, pay compensation, or to maintain confidence at our discretion.

We have no obligation to remove any content or comments that might be hateful, unlawful, offensive, threatening, or negative in the broader sense, yet we may choose to delete such comments or any comments at our discretion.

You are in agreement that your comments will not be in violation of any third party. You agree that your comment shall not include any hateful, libelous, abusive, and terrorizing content. You may not infect our website with malware or any technological virus. You may not do anything or leave any material on the website, which might hamper the proper functioning of the site and the offering of Service. You may never use a fake profile, email address, and never use presence to steal someone’s identity. You must not leave misleading comments intended to violate the experience of third parties. We reserve the right to remove any comments you post, but we take no responsibility for any damage your comment might cause, and we will not be liable in case you violate the law through the use of comments in a manner that is unlawful.

Part 10: Information

Personal information submission should be made in a manner that is acceptable according to our Privacy Policy.

Part 11: Irregularities

Our website may have information displayed that may have grammatical and typographical errors. In certain cases, there can be events where the information provided is inaccurate and incomplete. This information might have some relation to the price of the services we provide, whether they be shipping costs, promotion offers, marketing content, new offers, or any other information that can possibly concern our website. Irregularities, errors, and omissions are a possibility. We reserve the full right to make any alterations and correct inaccuracies, errors, omissions that may be seen on our website. We also reserve the right to cancel orders as a result of these inaccuracies and errors without owing anyone an explanation.

We are under no compulsion to update information on our website or to make any amendments or clarification regarding our pricing, service, and any other content except as per the provisions of the Law. An update in Service should not be taken as a sign that the website has been revamped and updated, altered, or changed in any way.

Part 12: Restrictions

Adding to the restrictions that have already been imposed by the Terms of Service, the following is a list of activities that every user of our website is prohibited from using our services to:

  • to perform any illegal activity
  • to instigate others to perform illegal activities
  • to violate any law whether international, state or federal
  • to violate and take advantage of someone’s intellectual property
  • To use hate speech, harass, abuse, insult or be disrespectful or cinched in any manner
  • to upload malware or viruses
  • to spread fake news and information
  • to infringe on personal content of other people
  • to spam or use technology to steal data
  • to use our services for any immoral purpose
  • to disturb the functionality of our Service

We reserve an unconditional right to terminate your use of the Service if we determine that you are in violation of any of the above-stated prohibitions.

Part 13: Warranty Disclaimer

Your employment of our service and its subsequent use as service that is free of errors, omissions, inaccuracies, interruptions, lapses in quality and free from security lapses cannot be guaranteed. It cannot be warranted that your use of Service and its end product would be entirely accurate. You agree that we reserve the right to take away the service for an indefinite period of time and cancel the Service without any proper notice given to you.

You are in agreement that your inability to use the service in case of suspensions, unavailability, or any other factor is at your own risk. The services provided to you on the website are present “as is,” and they are available without any warranties or conditions.

Under no circumstance shall any member of our staff, or any organization or person affiliated with our company be held accountable for any damages. Any damages that a client suffers must as a result of using our service are at their own risk. For the states that do not allow the exclusion of liability, our company would only be liable to the extent to which liability is ordained by law. For all other instances where you have to face any damages, we are not under any obligation and cannot be held liable to give you any damages.

Part 14: Indemnification

You agree that you will hold us, our employees, our staff, our subsidiaries, and all possible persons and companies with affiliations to us as completely innocent and do not ask us for any compensation even if it is limited to attorney fee that you have to pay. You also hold us innocent against any claim by third parties who try to profit from the breach of these terms.

Part 15: Removal Of Content In Terms And Services

In an unlikely event that a court of law holds that the provision and rules stated in terms of service are unlawful, incomplete, vague, and unenforceable, then it would be pertinent to remove and sever the particular content that has been lawfully declared redundant and unacceptable from the Terms of Service. This removal of a particular clause or provision does not make the rest of the provisions void or less effective in any way.

Part 16: Termination

These Terms of Service and all of its provisions are valid until the termination date. If you wish to stop the use of our Service, and unless you request a termination of the agreement, this terms of Service shall apply, but once you have notified us that you will stop the use of our Service and website, then these terms of Service stop applying to you.

If, according to our discretionary judgment, we conclude that you have violated any provision of the Terms of Service, then we may cancel the shrive with prior information or notice, and you will be held accountable and liable for all the amounts that you owe up until the date of termination.

Part 17: Enforcement

If we fail to monitor the conditions or provisions that have been specified in this agreement, that does not mean that these provisions under Terms of Service have stopped applying in the relative area. Terms of Service and its provisions is above and more important than any formal agreement between you and the company.

If there is any misinformation, grammatical, and typographical error in this text of Terms of Service, then the drafter of this document may not be held responsible.

Part 18: U.S. Law

These Terms of Service and its provisions, along with any separate agreements, are valid and would be considered under the purview of the laws of the United States.

Part 19: Updates

The most updated version of Terms of Service is always available in this webpage. We have the desecration to update and change information at any time we deem acceptable without having to owe anyone an explanation. It is your responsibility to stay updated about terms of Service and its updated provisions.

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