We Translate

Ranging from small translations such as a paragraph to extensive written works of a certain language, we have the experience, certifications, and the capable staff to manage all of your translation needs in a commendable manner. We have human expert translators for over 65+ languages who have extensive experience and thus allow for our translation processes to be expeditious.

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We Proofread

Your profile or the proposal you are sending out will only be considered credible if it is flawless in terms of language and meaning that you are trying to convey clearly communicated. Let us proofread your document, and our competent and experienced staff would readily make your writing perfect by double-checking everything and making alterations wherever needed.

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Our transcription services are broad in a sense that whatever you need transcribed whether it be a power point presentation, a two hour recording of an interview in a foreign language or anything that could possibly warrant transcription is offered by our competent and experienced transcribers. All you need to do is upload the audio or video file and our transcribers will have it ready for you in text form promptly.

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We assist in localizing a website/app

A customer would be far more comfortable when viewing a foreign website in their native language. We help organizations and companies expand their global outreach by providing them the service of translating the text on their sites into their desired language. We not only offer accurate translations but also provide this service at a reasonable price for which most companies are ready to compensate us readily.

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We help you with Desktop Publishing

Your official company documents should not only highlight the product or services you offer, but they also must have an aesthetic appeal and be formatted in a way that is amicable and proves to mesmerize for the reader. The documents we deal with can be anything from a proposal you want to write to a company brochure. We will come up with latest designs to help project your original vision of your company. We can email you these designs and deliver hard copies, as well.

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Glossary Management image

We enhance your understanding by managing Glossary.

Since the translation of language by a human can have creative elements that are unique to every person. Judging a quality of translation can, therefore, become complex. However, through proper management of glossary, the words, synonyms, abbreviations, and remarks, our translators identify possible causes of confusion for the readers and put such words and terminologies into separate lists called a glossary.

This glossary is a file where a specific terminology is written in its source language along with its meaning and also written alongside is the meaning of the translation that has been done for that certain terminology. This allows the reader to have clear understanding of the word in its translated form and the form it was in before being translated.
We pride ourselves on being accurate and expeditious but without a glossary to keep track of the confusing words or terminology, it would have been very difficult to make that claim. Our mission is to minimize uncertainty therefore most of the times, a glossary is attached with the translated material to allow proper understanding for the reader.

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We help you with Internationalizing (I18n)

By internationalizing, we mean developing a product, service, or even a simple document in such a way that it can be localized with relative ease and thus help our client reach their target market by using global business networks.
Any company that aims to target culturally, religiously, or simply multilingual markets must have an idea of internationalization. In this process, all the markets that are targeted are evaluated beforehand, and then there are changes made to accommodate differences in terms of product design.

For Example

If one website is created for U.S. and U.A.E., there would be a need to add support functions such as right to left support for Arabic font, dates and time formats along with the original support functions for the market that prefers the use of English language
If internationalization is done with foresight, then the process can help localize projects in a faster and easier manner and allow a deeper level of market penetration for the company that employs our service.

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