Customers put in requests for a refund due to various reasons. If you believe you deserve a refund, please contact us and provide all the relevant details. We will evaluate your request and work towards a speedy resolution of the issue.

Change With Translation Order

If you wish to make a change with your translation order it must be in writing by email or fax. This helps us keep track of the translation change. We make every effort on our end to facilitate the change in any regard that we can.

The customers have the option to cancel anytime before the completion of a given project. We do not offer a full refund in case a translator has already completed a certain percentage of the work that you required. For example,

Scenario 1: You ordered a certified translation of three pages, and you paid a total of $100. You then proceed to cancel the order. If the translator has not been assigned your work and the cancellation notification is issued before that, then you will receive a full refund of $100.

Scenario 2: You ordered a certified translation of two pages and paid a total of $60. However, you cancel the translation when half the work has been completed, and our accredited translators have already put in work. Then you will be refunded half the amount you have paid, and we can email you the translated half or ship the document if you have paid the shipping fee.

Scenario 3: You request the cancellation of an order of three pages after they have been translated. Your request for a refund can only be to the extent of the shipping cost since the translation service has already been provided. We will send you a soft copy of the translated document if you wish to receive a refund on the shipping fee.

Service Delivery Time

Our promised delivery time is the result of the forecasting based on our historical data. To provide an exact turnaround time is very difficult since we work with human expert translators, and there can be a little variation in the time taken by each project. Turnaround time or the service delivery time is the amount of time taken after assignment of a project to a translator until the project is concluded, and the translation is delivered to you as an end product.

Turnaround time estimate begins as soon as the customer uploads all the legible documents that are required for the translation. If you submit some documents a day late, then you can expect the turnaround time to start after you have made the final submission.

We try our best to facilitate our customers and provide an accurate figure of turnaround time. In a rare instance, if we miss a translation deadline, we cannot provide a full refund. We will contact you and work out the best solution.

The Quality Question

Since a translation of language from the lens of an expert is still language that has been influenced through the translator’s experience, we want to ensure that you are satisfied with the final translation. Since passing judgment on a translation is a subjective job, the final decision to choose words for translation rests with the certified translators that we employ for their expertise in the matter.

If, in a rare instance, the quality of translation is deemed unacceptable and the translator fails to do an adequate job, then we would at our discretion give you a chance to have the document translated again by another translator.

Requests For Revision

Any customer can put in a request for revision within an interval of 30 days after they have received the translation.

  • We offer free revision if the source material remains unaltered.
  • If you put in a request to review existing translations with the addition of novel words, then you would be charged for the additional words. If there are any major changes visible, then you would be asked to pay for a separate translation instead of a review.
  • Common revisions include changes in names, designation, titles, and places. We ask for meticulous details in the beginning when you order so that such mistakes can be prevented, and the need for revisions would cease to exist.
USCIS Acceptance Guarantee

We only offer guaranteed acceptance of our certified translations at USCIS. It is recommended that you inform us about the requirement of the receiving party before you put in order to translate. This recommendation is for your benefit so that we could ensure that we meet the requirements for the translation that you need.

However, if our translation is rejected by USCIS, which has to date never happened, we offer a full refund on the amount you paid.


Our primary partners in the shipping process are FedEx, DHL and United States Postal Service (USPS). You can track your order as it is being shipped in virtually all the shipped assignments. If you have any issue or identify a problem with the shipping of the documents by our primary partners, contact us on an urgent basis, and we would resolve your concerns expeditiously. You can also track your order by visiting the following sites: We do not offer any refund for the problems or issues related to third party shipping. For example, if USPS fails to deliver, then we cannot be held responsible.

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