Privacy Policy

About the Data, We Collect

Upon your visit to our website, information about your device, which includes cookies, IP address, and time zone, is collected by us. Moreover, we also retain information about the time you spend at an individual webpage and the services that you view. The information we collect reflects your interaction with our website. We also become privy to websites, advertisements, or search terms that made you visit our website. This information is collected automatically and is generally termed as device information.

Retaining Data

Once an order is placed on our website, we retain your data to keep records until we are requested by the customer to delete the said records.

The technologies we employ to collect this device information are listed below:

  • Your browsing pattern is recorded through the use of electronic files such as web beacons, pixels and tags.
  • We use cookies, which are often accompanied by a unique anonymous identifier. They’re placed on your device. You have the option to disable them. Visit the website to get more information about cookies and the possible way to disable them.
  • Your browser type, internet service provider, exit pages, time stamps, IP address is also available to us due to the use of log files which also helps track your actions on our website.

Order Information

Upon attempted or successful purchase, we collect and secure your name, billing address, payment information, email address, and phone number.

This is the extent of data collection that is collected by us as a result of your activity on our website.

How is the data put to use?

The device information collected automatically helps us secure ourselves against any potential frauds. We can screen IP addresses and behavioral patterns to identify any anomalies that need to be addressed to minimize the risk of fraud.

The collected order information is utilized by the company in order to operate efficiently. We use the information to:

  • communicate with you
  • process your payment
  • ship goods to the given address
  • confirm orders
  • advertise relevant information in accordance with your preferences
  • screen data for potential fraud
Sharing The Collected Data

Our improvement and efficiency depend on learning from behavioral patterns we see on our website; therefore, we use Google Analytics to help understand our customers in-depth. If you feel you should not be part of Google Analytics, please visit the following website to opt-out of it.

We may also have to share the data collected to meet any lawful and legal obligations.

Behavioral Advertisement

The data collected may also be used to target our advertisements specifically for you and to provide customized advertisements that we believe might spark your interest in our service. These advertisements are targeted after behavioral assessments are made as a result of the time you spend on our website and your browsing pattern.

You can choose to disable these services by visiting the following website:

Targeting advertisement on Google can be disabled by visiting the following URL:

Additionally, targeted advertisement by Bing can be disabled by accessing the following URL

Do Not Track Signal

Our automatic data collection is immune to the “Do Not Track” signal that is emitted by specific browsers.

Special Rights

European residents have the right to access the data that we hold about their individual selves. Requests to alter or delete the said information can be processed if you choose to contact us.

The information we collect is processed for the purpose of executing contracts (e.g. fulfilling an order made on the website), and the said information is also circulated outside Europe to the United States and Canada.

Updating our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy may be updated if we feel we need to make any alterations for legal, regulatory, or any other unspecified reason.

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