We enhance your understanding by managing Glossary.

Since the translation of language by a human can have creative elements that are unique to every person. Judging a quality of translation can, therefore, become complex. However, through proper management of glossary, the words, synonyms, abbreviations, and remarks, our translators identify possible causes of confusion for the readers and put such words and terminologies into separate lists called a glossary.

This glossary is a file where a specific terminology is written in its source language along with its meaning and also written alongside is the meaning of the translation that has been done for that certain terminology. This allows the reader to have clear understanding of the word in its translated form and the form it was in before being translated.

We pride ourselves on being accurate and expeditious but without a glossary to keep track of the confusing words or terminology, it would have been very difficult to make that claim. Our mission is to minimize uncertainty therefore most of the times, a glossary is attached with the translated material to allow proper understanding for the reader.

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