Take a look at the frequently asked questions
Why should I believe that your translations would be accurate?

APOSTILLE PROS TRANSLATIONS hires certified, experienced and highly skilled translators to do every specialized job. We also have a 5 step process which ensures the quality of the work is maintained. Delivering accurate information in a prompt manner is our topmost priority. We employ a rigorous screening process to avoid any errors in the final certified translation. We offer a guaranteed acceptance of our translations from USCIS. Our expert translators are certified and have professional experience in their relevant fields.

What Languages can you translate?

We translate more than 65 languages. Please check the list provided or contact us to receive customized information.

What is the main difference between certified document and a notarized document?

Certificate of Translation and accuracy along with a translation is what a certified document represents. Notarized document has been signed by the notary’s office and that can be classified a service other than translation. Please check the list provided or contact us to receive customized information regarding your translation needs.

What do you mean by sworn translator?

Sworn translator is empowered by the government to sign and certify a document to attest its accuracy. We employ professional translator and get the document notarized to achieve the same result.

Can a birth certificate be translated from a foreign language?

Definitely! Please contact us to ask any more questions.

How can I send my documents to APOSTILLE PROS TRANSLATIONS?

You can simply upload them when you start your project with us at the landing page of this website.

How long is the service time and How long must I wait to get my translation?

Each translation is assigned an individual time based on the number of translators available for the job and the amount of work that is required for your customized job. Please contact us to ask any more questions or start a project with us to get a free quote.

Would scanned copies of document work for translation?

Yes, they are most welcome.

How do I pay for this service?

You can pay through PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and wire transfers. However the payment must always be in advance.

Is there a specific currency you accept?

No, we accept all currencies.